Sunday, October 4, 2009

The GRAND Canyon

After a harrowingly windy (gusts up to 60 mph) drive, Connie got us to the Grand Canyon where we peeled her fingers off the steering wheel. It took all three of us to do that! We can't complain about the weather we've had, though. We've seen rain one day and that was at Mt Rushmore, eons ago. Now we see that Wyoming and Montana are going to be hit with a lot of snow, even closing the interstates. We are sooooo lucky.

Saying that the Grand Canyon is breathtaking is an understatement although it really does take your breath away (the height alone scares the bejeebers out of you). If you can visit one place in this country, this should be it. Absolutely spectacular. So beautiful that pictures do not do it justice. We spent all afternoon there, driving from one overlook to the next. As sunset approached we looked up and there was the full moon rising above the canyon. God put an exclamation point on his work. Stunning.

We're in Flagstaff, AZ tonight. Not sure where the wind will blow us tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Are you all ever coming back home?! LOL!

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