Thursday, October 8, 2009

Carlsbad Caverns and onward

We actually went into the cave this morning. We went down 750' in an elevator and took the 1 1/4 mile self-guided tour through the Big Room. There were interesting formations everywhere, with some areas looking like a group of Christmas trees, some looking like an audience of small people, and a lot looking like the Travelocity gnome. Of course, you already know that the growths from the bottom are called stalagmites and the ones from the top are stalactites but did you know that when they meet together they are columns and all the formations are collectively called speliothems ? You learn something everyday!

The rangers told us that the bats we saw last night took 2 hours to come out of the cave. That's a lot of bats. He did tell us that some of them were returning to the cave and he didn't know if the same ones were turning around and going back again. A storm was coming and they may have sensed it.

We drove across the Permian basin of Texas this afternoon where there are oil rigs everywhere. Saw many more of the wind turbines again. It seems that they are everywhere except NC. Also saw huge fields of cotton and endless fields of what we later found out was maize, a form of corn. All in all, today was a B O R I N G ride. You know it's boring when you get excited about maize.

We are in Abilene tonight with plans to go to a suburb of Ft Worth called Granbury tomorrow.

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  1. No posts on Oct 09, 10,11, and none as of 11:15pm on Oct 12. My guess is they are shaggin' each night and don't have the energy to post after getting back to their motel.

    THAT'S GOOD !!!! Can't wait for the PICTURES!

    JJ & MJ