Monday, October 12, 2009

Texas and Homeward Bound

We've been visiting friends in DFW since Friday. We stayed in Grandbury at good friends, Becky and Charlie's, resort. Charlie has spent the past 3 years renovating his guest house right on Lake Granbury. It's gorgeous and we all voted....It's a 5 star accomodation! The best thing is that we got to spend time with them, too. Mike K worked with both of them for 12 years at GM in Arlington (right between Dallas and Ft Worth) so they are very special to us.

Also spent Saturday with Ann and Rick, our very good friends in Arlington, too. Mike T, Mike K, Rick and I toured the new Cowboy stadium and were blown away. It is huge. The tv screens hanging from the ceiling are 60 yards long and 7 stories high and valued at $40 million, $5 milliion more than the old Cowboy stadium cost to build about 30 years ago. The new stadium was $1.3 billion. I like football, but.....???? I know it was planned before the economy went bust but I find it a bit much. But that's Jerry Jones and the Cowboys and I still root for them.

We had a great time in Texas. Enjoyed gearing down and relaxing with friends. The only problem was that we did not see the sun the entire time we were there. In fact, we still haven't seen it. I'm assuming it still exists.

We are in Vicksburg, MS tonight and should be home by Wednesday, if all goes as planned.

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  1. Looks like Phyllis wins the bet as to when you would get back!!!! I bet you guys thought we had all forgotten you. I guess we won't see you until sometime next week. We're leaving Thursday for Lake Lure and not back home until Sunday. I guess we won't see the Tatums until....Thanksgiving???? LOL! Have a safe trip home.