Friday, September 4, 2009

We left Tennessee this morning about 9:00 and headed north into Kentucky. We took a few back roads to really get a feel for the countryside and went thru Danville and Harrodsburg on our way to the state capitol in Frankfort. Danville was a really neat little town and the home of Centre College. It had a very quaint downtown, lots of flowers and ambiance, and a magnificent historical town square. In Harrodsburg, we went to the Beaumont Inn, a famous inn and restaurant from the 1800s. We finally got to the capitol building after almost completely circling it and found it to be very impressive (as you will see in the picture). It was very ornate and filled with many statues and other historical artifacts.

We then set out for Louisville and went to the Louisville Slugger factory downtown. It was extremely impressive and not only included the bat making portion of the factory, but also a baseball museum, theater, giftshop, etc. We had a great time reliving many moments from our past when each of us individually were World Series heros in our minds!

We are currently just north of Indianapolis and heading for Chicago tomorrow. We'll talk later!


  1. CHICAGO ? That ain't exactly west of Wilmington! You are just using this so called "westerly" trip as an excuse to go up "north"! Next thing you will report that you have gone into Canada!

  2. We hope to get to Vancouver before it's over! We are heading west on the northern route before the snow flies (hopefuly) and then return to Wilmington via the southern (friendlier) route.