Saturday, August 29, 2009

Advanced notice!

As you all know, the Kincaids and the Tatums are heading west soon, and this is an attempt to keep you informed as to where we are and what we've been up to (at least what we can tell you). Hope it works out OK and y'all get this.



  1. With the power that has been given us (by US!)we hereby declare that the Kincaids & the Tatums have been tried...tested... and were found to be highly qualified ,thus all four have been ordained ... "ambassadors of shag" on this adventure they are about to undertake. Tatums & Kincaids... it is your solemn duty to educate every person in every city or town that you visit in "the ways and music of shaggers." Also, you are required to advise all your followers on the number of people who have been "wowed" by your moves on the dance floor. The names and addresses of all "converts" to "the ways of shag" is also expected. Should any of the places you vist offer you "compensation" to stay in their fair city and dance (to draw a throng of viewers to their establishment) must not do so, but must, after a short stay, move on to the next city to educate them on "the ways and music of shaggers." A report on your travels and where-abouts is expected on a regular basis.
    Jeff & Marietta :-)

  2. We WILL spread the word, but am pretty sure we won't "WOW" anyone. Stay tuned!

  3. You all will have a blast! Hopefully, you'll be back by SOS. If you go the southern route through Texas, I guess you'll have to do the two step...don't dare shag there, they might kill you.
    Take lots of pictures and post them. Can't wait to read your daily blog!
    Be safe.

  4. Let me try this again. Are you there yet? Have a great trip and be safe. Look forward to seeing pictures and I guess if someone is missing from the pictures we'll know who got booted out first...LOL!